My Greatest Accomplishment

Posted by Kim on Sunday Mar 14, 2010 Under Photoetry

A national award for teaching writing – I won!!
I couldn’t believe it
Thought that was my greatest accomplishment

I planned my trip to San Antonio
I bought a new fancy dress
I was set

I found out I was pregnant with you
My precious baby boy

Just when I thought I was on cloud nine
Just when I thought life couldn’t get any better
Just when I thought I was so proud of myself

I wore that dress for the first time today
I wore it with you

My greatest accomplishment

3 Responses to “My Greatest Accomplishment”

  1. Alison Says:

    You look amazing in the pics! Please tell me that you don’t look like this on a daily basis. If so, we can’t be friends anymore. Oh, and Tru looks adorable as usual!

  2. Julie Fay Says:

    Yes – you do look that great everyday!

  3. Ted Jennings, Jr. Says:

    I love your poem. Very touching and heart warming… very well written.

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