10. He always, always, always makes me laugh.

9. He makes a mean blueberry pancake.

8. He thinks that a bunch of pillows are better than a blanket.

7. He pushes me and challenges me to do things I would never attempt to try on my own.

6. He has given me a better quality of life by eating healthy.

5. He knows my imperfections and loves me because of them. (I may or may not have had a mullet at one time.)

4. He knows how to make decisions and doesn’t falter.

3. He puts things into perspective at the bat of an eye.

2. He continually finds ways to spice up our life, like teaching me to drive my own jet ski.

And the number 1 reason why being married to your dad for 10 years today are the best 10 years of my life is…

1. He gave me a boy as wonderful as him.


I love you both too much!!!



6 Responses to “Top 10 Reasons Why Being Married to Your Dad for 10 Years Today are the Best 10 Years of My Life (whew, that’s a mouthful)”

  1. Beckie Says:

    Glad I remembered to let you know!! lol Happy 10th Anniversary!!! Love to all 3 of ya’ll!!!

  2. Andrea Says:

    Beautiful!! Happy Anniversary!

  3. ted jennings jr Says:

    Well said… we love ya’ll.

  4. Tricia Jennings Says:

    What a wonderful tribute to Grant…..and to Tru! Love and miss all of y’all <3

  5. grandma Says:

    This is so special, I am so Happy for you all,love you soooo much

  6. Whitney Says:

    So sweet!!! But you forgot to mention how he has been giving you the best advice for the past 25 years…I remember when the solution to every problem was “let’s call Grant”. LOL You guys have a wonderful life and family and I couldn’t be happier for the three of you:-)

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