First…Rides (Living vs. Machine)

Posted by Kim on Monday Jun 3, 2013 Under First

Horseback riding…


Headed to the stables.


Fitted with a helmet and ready to go.


That’s as far as we got. They brought the horses out and it was a bit intimidating. First, I mounted mine (using steps) and my feet could barely reach the stirrups. I was told to practice walking around. I admit, I was nervous. Next, you mounted yours and sat and waited. Then, daddy mounted his and it was down hill from there. The moment he sat up, his horse acted funny. We all watched as the horse kept digging in the dirt. Pawing at the ground. Shaking his head around. When daddy pulled the reigns, the horse wanted him off. He reared up. Daddy got him down. He tried walking him, but as soon as he got near my horse, he bucked up again and startled my horse and caused him to rear up. You silently watched. You silently thought. You silently cried. For a 4 year old, you have a keen sense of perception and you’re a deep thinker, internalizing situations. While the horse lady said no big deal, just wait a minute and try a different horse. You knew the ride was over. I looked over at you and asked how you liked being up there. You politely nodded your head. Although I couldn’t see your tears, I saw the look on your face. Seeing the power of these creatures we were sitting on. Seeing your parents completely out of control and at their mercy was more than you were willing to risk. While other kids would have cried to not get to go for the ride they so wanted…you put things in perspective. Off we hopped. Into daddy’s shoulder you buried your head. In the car we got. Down the road we went. Finally you said, “I never want to ride a horse again. Only the toy kind.”

Later the next day…

Jet skiing

2013-06-02 14.21.15

You found your match.

2013-06-02 14.29.15

And your own island!!



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  1. grandma Says:

    I am with you Tru, i will stay with the toy horses. you are such a sport. you take on any challenge. love you bunches

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