Ok…first of all we’ve been very busy.  Second of all, your daddy changed all the software for converting pictures and it took me until now to figure it out!  Soooooo, what have you done all summer long?  Everything!  You’ve been my little buddy.  We’ve actually been so busy that most of it I didn’t even catch on film.  (I’m still fretting over that!)  You’ve gone to the beach almost every day the sun was shining and you stay in the water the entire time.  We got season passes to the water park and you did all the slides possible for your height.  (You little dare devil you!)  Our summer has been the best fun.  Now I’m back at work and it’s a shock to my system.  I miss you.  And as bad as I want summer again, I can’t wish the days away.  We will have a fun winter too.  Everything is fun with you!

Helped Poppy remodel the kitchen.

Kissed Lilu

Played with the dogs

Rode the Sea Screamer

Spent lots of time in daddy’s office

Played with your train

Rode the rides at main street

Wow!  Yep.  We had BIG FUN!


4 Responses to “What I’ve Been Up to Lately…All Summer!”

  1. grandma Says:

    you have been the greatest summer buddy anyone could ask for.i miss you soooo much and you are beautiful. higs and kisses always, grandma in Va.<3

  2. grandma Says:

    i see that look, but the next picture is truly his Grandpa Ted, love you Tru.

  3. grandma Says:

    i meant the one of him sleeping

  4. ted jr Says:

    Golly… you just made Tricia and me miss ya’ll even more! I agree about the pic… it does remind me of the expression dad would make. It sure looks like Tru had a fun-filled summer. We miss ya’ll and hope to see ya’ll soon.
    ps… tell Ray and Diane we said hi!!

    We love ya’ll,

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