The sky is the limit!

Posted by Kim on Sunday Apr 15, 2012 Under Photoetry

Rode the Skywheel today…gittery fun!

5 Responses to “The sky is the limit!”

  1. grandma Says:

    he is sooo very sweet. i cannot believe he liked this ride, he is a little daredevil, i love you

  2. grandma Says:

    such a beautiful and sweet boy, Love You Tru.

  3. grandma Says:

    Tru, you are sweeter every day i look at you. i miss you sooooo much. i hope you know how much I LOVE YOU.

  4. grandma Says:

    I LOVE YOU SWEET TRU. You are Beautiful.

  5. grandma Says:

    Today is a Very SpeciaL DAY 3 years ago Sweet Tru came into our lives, what a Blessing he has been. i have not had a lot of time with him but the time i am Blessed to have is very dear and special to me,I hope he knows how much I Love Him. Grandma Va.

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