Trains, Trucks, and Love…Just Like That

Posted by Kim on Tuesday Jun 7, 2011 Under Uncategorized

Love is a strange and beautiful thing.  Love can surprise us.  Just like that.

We often have no control over what our heart falls in love with and no explanation for why.  We just do.  Just like that, it’s in us.  Singing.  Whispering happiness to the very soul of who we are.

I Love you.  Sometimes those words are said out of habit.  Sometimes out of expectation or desperation.  But every time those 3 little words fall from my lips to your ears, it’s the purest, most honest and meaningful thing I’ve ever said.  I say it and I say it.  Just as I breath in and out.  “I love you, Tru.”  That’s it.  Yet, boy does it mean a lot.

During your bath tonight, I said it.  “I love you, Tru.” Just like that. Without hesitation…for the first time ever…you looked at me and said…”I love you, mama.”  Just like that.  For a whole second, or hour, everything froze.  I exploded inside.  Just like that.



3 Responses to “Trains, Trucks, and Love…Just Like That”

  1. Ted Jennings, Jr. Says:

    That’s really sweet “Knothead”!

  2. grandma Says:

    he is soo precious and beautiful, love you bunches mr.tru

  3. grandma Says:

    what a happy little boy. love you

    he is such a happy little boy, always having fun, love you bunches TRU

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