Tru Music: Ghostbusters!

Posted by Kim on Sunday Feb 10, 2013 Under Tru Soundtrack

You love the movie, the song, and even the game on your iPAD.



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Tru Music: Foster the People

Posted by Kim on Sunday Jan 20, 2013 Under Tru Soundtrack

We have been listening to these guys a lot!  You love it all.


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Tru Music: I Love You Too

Posted by Kim on Saturday Nov 6, 2010 Under Tru Soundtrack

YouTube – Ziggy Marley White House: I Love You Too

I tell you “I love you” a ba-jillion times a day and sometimes it just doesn’t cut it.  Wish there was a way to explain love, but Ziggy has a pretty cool definition.

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Tru Music: Hot Hot Heat

Posted by Kim on Saturday Sep 4, 2010 Under Tru Soundtrack

Our summer song…you love outdoors better than anyone I know!

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Tru Music: The Muppets

Posted by Kim on Tuesday Jul 13, 2010 Under Tru Soundtrack

I just never know what Tru will like, but the funnier, the better. Daddy turned him on to The Muppets and their crazy sense of humor makes Tru want to watch…and watch…and watch. Grab the remote and point it at the tv and demand a replay.


The Muppets: Pöpcørn

The Muppets: Bohemian Rhapsody

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Music in Your Bones

Posted by Kim on Thursday Jul 1, 2010 Under Tru Soundtrack

Dear Tru,

I’m going out on a limb here and creating a new category…Tru Music. Your love of music goes beyond that of a normal kid, me thinks. I first got the notion when you’d stop all screaming long enough for this…Chicka Chicka Boom Boom – With Lyrics – Alphabet Song.  Then, I was affirmed after watching you dance your booty off to… the roots-lovely love my family over and over again. (I posted your dance moves here. ) I appreciate music, but have no gift. Your dad’s fam is musically talented so I keep crediting your abilities to that. I think you’ve got it! This blog is for you. A medium of sorts to document your life. Yes, I believe there is music in words alone, but this is way cooler than a journal in the fact that it can share a tune…with motion picture! I also hope others will share their musical interests so we can always add to your diverse collection. I have several inspirations. First and foremost – You! Your eyes brighten and your arms and legs start bouncing when you hear a song you like. You will stop everything when music hits your ears and heart. Second, I have a favorite blog, She posts a song every Tuesday. You must have the same taste in music as her because you listen intently to the videos she shares. Soooo, I decided I could do the same for you. One day when you are older, you can look back through all the music that has touched your life. See how you’ve grown and changed in your interests. We all have songs that conjure up memories, but I can’t remember most of my one-time favorites. The tune is on the tip of my tongue, but lost in the years. Here, you will be able to see and hear your musical map.

Grooving at 2 months:

[jwplayer config=”video” file=”/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/VID_00010-20090622-1919.flv” image=”/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/VID_00010-20090622-1919.jpg”]

Rock on!

I will start with one of your most recent favorites. Thanks to Rebecca, from girlsgonechild.

Tegan And Sara – Call It Off (Video)

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