The beauty of being a kid…wonder is everywhere. Excitement is found wherever you are. Surprise abounds. I’ve lived in this house for 13 years and only in the past 3 years have I ventured into the back yard. Because of you, Tru, it’s now our playground. You beckon me in and I follow. I follow you into this imaginary world. An imaginary world where anything is possible.


Where we hide from enemies in our base. Weapons ready, we attack.





Where Lilu is no longer your dog, but an outer space invader that has landed on our planet. We must capture her. We must protect the people. (Although, sometimes she is a rescue bot helping us fight the monsters. She goes along with whatever. She doesn’t much care, as long as she’s included.)


“Mama, look! I can’t believe I’m walking in a tree!”


Where spaces between trees are not spaces between trees at all, but secret passages. And no one can see us.


Where we jump and jump and jump and try to touch the sky.


Or ride Lilu. She’s such a good sport.




Where you are the Leaning Tower of Pisa.



Where the trampoline is our spaceship and if we jump off, we land on another planet.


Where grass is amazing and fascinating.

I never knew our backyard was so full of fun. Thanks for the adventure, Tru!

I love you too much!


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Saturday, 6:10 PM – Puzzle Time!

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Grandma came to visit for the weekend. Woot Woot!













Earlier that day…waiting for cookies 🙂


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Plants vs Tru Zombie

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[jwplayer config=”video-853×480″ mediaid=”1527″]

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Ok…first of all we’ve been very busy.  Second of all, your daddy changed all the software for converting pictures and it took me until now to figure it out!  Soooooo, what have you done all summer long?  Everything!  You’ve been my little buddy.  We’ve actually been so busy that most of it I didn’t even catch on film.  (I’m still fretting over that!)  You’ve gone to the beach almost every day the sun was shining and you stay in the water the entire time.  We got season passes to the water park and you did all the slides possible for your height.  (You little dare devil you!)  Our summer has been the best fun.  Now I’m back at work and it’s a shock to my system.  I miss you.  And as bad as I want summer again, I can’t wish the days away.  We will have a fun winter too.  Everything is fun with you!

Helped Poppy remodel the kitchen.

Kissed Lilu

Played with the dogs

Rode the Sea Screamer

Spent lots of time in daddy’s office

Played with your train

Rode the rides at main street

Wow!  Yep.  We had BIG FUN!


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What I’ve Been Up to Lately…

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Chatting with Lilu



Playdate with Red

Kisses with Red

As always…fun!

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What I’ve Been Up to Lately…

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Hanging with Lilu

Feeding at the zoo

Chilling with Poppy


Reading in the chair

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Fun, fun, fun at Bark Park. Lilu makes friends fast!

Stuffing my mouth full of Daddy’s homemade french fries. YUM!

Puzzle time at my new desk. Cool find!

Funny story…one afternoon we stopped at a local antique shop and looked around. The next day I kept thinking about this desk so, I went back to get it for you. When I picked you up I told you I had gotten that little desk for you and you immediately replied, “Thanks, mama.” I told you we’d put it in your room as soon as we got home and you got excited and said, “That makes me so happy!” You are such a friendly 2 year old! I swear, I love you to pieces!!

Video training Lilu to sit coming soon…

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What I’ve been up to lately…

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A very busy boy.  So much to do.  So much to explore.

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A Few on My Favorite Things…

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Corn on the cob…yummy yummy!

Another birthday present!

And…NO…I’m not cheating!

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You turned 2 today and we filled your afternoon with the things you love most of all.  I can’t help but realize that in your 2 little years of existence you’ve managed to teach me 2 really BIG life lessons.

1.  You know what you like and you are happy with what you have.

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