Toy Story 3

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Can You Spell FUN? (without mom!)

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Wow! You had the most fun ever today and you didn’t even need me. I’m so used to be right there with you. Helping you along. Joining in. Not today. You were on your own and you wouldn’t have it any other way!

You climbed and slid. You ran from toy to toy and laughed and squealed…and all without me. While I was so happy for you and I could have enjoyed sitting and talking to my friends; I was sad. I was watching you totally entertain yourself and have wild fun with no help whatsoever from me. I wanted to interrupt your play and get in on the fun, but I knew you were in your own world. Your own thoughts and ideas. You need that. You don’t always need me holding your hand…although I want to. It’s hard letting go. It’s hard knowing that you need your own space, but it’s good for you. I celebrate and support your independence.

There was a moment when you were in an inflatable and you reached your little hand out to me. I thought you wanted your sippy cup, but you wanted me. You pulled me in. We ran and we bounced. I chased you and we laughed. We fell down together and I squeezed you tight. One really good squeeze. I tickled you and you giggled. Maybe you do still want me around, but I’ll be sure to not hold on so tight.

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Going Out With a Bang!

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My little firecracker…

You are the spark in my life!!

Happy New Year!!

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That describes you in numbers…perfect!

The perfect little boy.  Making life crystal clear.

You’re too cool!

And it snowed!

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Just Because it’s Funny

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It’s funny and it mentions the Swedish Chef…the guy you love so.  (Popcorn Shrimp)

The Office Savannah Molasses Accent

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Holly Jolly Christmas

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We had a little fun using the camera timer tonight…

Merry Christmas!

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Christmas Bling

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Everything feels different at Christmas.  I love the sparkle.  I love the glitz.

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Saturday Play

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Relaxing on the couch…enjoying a little Sponge Bob.

Here comes Byte!

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My Little Meat and Potatoes Man

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You love your food. Maybe it was the careful attention I paid to everything I ate while you were inside of me. (A berry bowl every morning. Freshly blended smoothies every night. Spinach or peas at dinner.) Maybe it’s the fact that your dad has created the most healthy eating environment for you possible.  I’m not quite sure what the reason, but you came out of the womb with an appetite. A BIG, ginormous appetite…an all-day-and-all-night appetite.

3 days old and you’d hug the bottle every hour and a half to two hours as if you were completely starving. Making the sweetest little sounds as you filled your belly.

Look at you now…a year and a half later. Perched on daddy’s lap. (Your favorite spot.) You still got it going on. I’m not a good cook by any means. Actually, I suck. But I try. I try so hard for you. I love how you love to eat and it makes me feel good to nourish you. To be able to give you something you find pleasure in.

How you love to dip your own steak in Worcestershire. You dip so perfectly. Paying careful attention to the treasure in your hand.

You feast like a King. As well you should my little Prince. May your days be delicious!

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