Posted by Kim on Saturday May 9, 2015 Under First

I love being your mom every single day.  I’m crazy about you. That’s the gift for me.

But when you handed me this…



I lost it. Completely.

My heart jumped and my eyes instantly filled with tears.

I sank to my knees in front of you on my classroom floor. I smiled. I cried.

And you hugged me.

I squeezed you real tight because you are the most awesome thing in the world.

You are mine and I am yours.

Nothing could be better than that.


Watching you grow is the best part of my life.

Thank you for being you.

I love you too much!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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  1. grandma in va. Says:

    What a wonderful Mothers Day you will sharer with sweet little Tru, heis such a special boy, i love you Tru,

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