Meet the Author

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This is such a great read…I can’t put it down!
As a writer, I am excited.
I am excited that you have worked through the process of writing and published your very own book. I am excited at the amount of pride you had when handing this book to me.
As a teacher, I am impressed.
I am impressed with your invented spelling, voice, ideas, and word choice. I am impressed with your willingness to take risks and be creative.
As a mom, I am touched.
I am profoundly touched at the level of joy you share when reflecting on your life and the fact that when memories of your life surfaced as possibilities for your book…thoughts of me are weaved into this text. It means everything to me that you live happiness and see the beauty in moments. This book is proof that you cherish the life you live. It shows what is important to you. I am moved to near tears by what you see as the priorities in your life. I could not ask for anything more.


Me – My name is Tru. I am happy and funny. And I am silly too. I laugh if somebody laughs.

Family – My family lives together. I have a mom and a dad too. (photo – Dad, Tru, Mom)
Food – My favorite food is pizza. It is yummy with pepperoni.

Things I Like – I like to play Minecraft with my mom and dad.
Things I Like – I like to bounce on the trampoline with my mom. (photo – Mom, Dad, Woof, Dog)

Future Plans – Make robots in the future. It sounds good. (photo – Yay, Beep, Bop)

Writing puts our thoughts and our heart on paper. It is a way of sharing and holding our thinking still in that moment of time and it will forever be there.
This writing. Your book. Is your 6 year old mind. What a beautiful place!
I wonder what else is in there.

I love you too much!

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1st in 1st

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Firsts are scary.

The unknown makes you anxious.

You wonder. Ask a million questions til you can’t think of anymore.


Like a secret being whispered to a friend

It all happens.

It beautifully happens.

You smile.

It cracks through all the worry

It lights up my world.

And you make everything just right.

What a great first day in first grade!!

I love you too much!





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Tru vs. Jellyfish

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You fought a jellyfish tonight

and lost 🙁

Out of nowhere it came

Riding the waves

…Sneak attack…

Brushed your tiny fingers

Wrapped around your tender arm

And stung like fire

Daddy, your battle buddy, scooped you up

From old lifeguard days

He went to work tending and mending

Til your tears were gone



I love you too much!


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Thwimming in the Thea

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Who loses their tooth in the ocean?


This guy!

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Hanna Time!

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We went to see Jack Hanna and his animals. Very interesting show!


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Celebrate Good Times, Come on!

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Woo hoo!!



Boo hoo!!


It is your Kindergarten celebration, or festival, as you called it.

It is bitter sweet. What an amazing year. You walked into your Kindergarten classroom and jumped right in. You have loved school. I mean loved it. You have soaked every bit of it up. Your brain a sponge. You have made friends. You have grown into a really good reader. You solve math problems. You blow my mind. You always do. Since you were born, every day you prove to me that life is amazing. You were born with magic in your heart. You cast a spell on me and my life seems to good to be true. Your laughter is contagious. Your sense of humor so quick. And your compassion so deep.

I am ridiculously proud of you. I am your biggest fan. Well, I thought I was until I saw your best little friend, Zoey, clapping for you when your name was called. She almost bounced off the rug. I know that feeling. It took all I had to stay in my seat. I wanted to jump up and down. Scream at the top of my lungs. Laugh and cry. Because you are just so awesome.

i love you too much!

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I love being your mom every single day.  I’m crazy about you. That’s the gift for me.

But when you handed me this…



I lost it. Completely.

My heart jumped and my eyes instantly filled with tears.

I sank to my knees in front of you on my classroom floor. I smiled. I cried.

And you hugged me.

I squeezed you real tight because you are the most awesome thing in the world.

You are mine and I am yours.

Nothing could be better than that.


Watching you grow is the best part of my life.

Thank you for being you.

I love you too much!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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Time to celebrate six with six.

Six of the most adorable little people.


(Grandma photo bombed.) 🙂

This birthday was extra special because you invited your very own friends!

This was all you.

You picked the place and you picked the guests.

And you had a blast!


You with Justin and Zoey.


Carson and Justin


You with Alexandra.


You with James.


James is silly!


You with loads of tickets!


You opened some cool presents.


Oliver is beside you yumming on ice cream cupcakes.


And mama got a squeeze.

Happy Birthday my boy. My six year old boy.

I love you too much!

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First: Awards Day

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What a year!

Your first year in school has been so full.

Full of learning. Full of friends. And full of firsts.

You have gone from learning your alphabet to reading level 6 books.

You have gone from writing the alphabet to writing stories.

You have gone from learning numbers to adding and skip counting.

Do not get me wrong. I knew you were smart, but this explosion of knowledge has shocked me. You have worked hard and have been determined to do it all. Your teacher has told me all year how you listen to everything she says and take it all in. It is only fitting that you be recognized in the award ceremony for Effort. That sounds exactly right!

You rock!

I love you too much!


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Breaking News

Posted by Kim on Thursday Apr 2, 2015 Under First

We interrupt this spring break to bring you this important message. Please stand by.


Last evening, Wednesday night, the 1st day of April, at approximately 9:00 PM Tru lost his first tooth! This was NOT an April Fool’s Day joke as first suspected.


It all began around 8:30. I was taking warm laundry from the dryer. Tru quietly walked up to me with his fingers in his mouth. He showed me a pretty wiggly bottom tooth. He then requested an apple and directed me not to cut it into pieces. He simply wanted the whole apple. For what, I knew. He proceeded to bang the apple into his bottom teeth causing dents in the surface of the apple. This continued for about 10 minutes. Banging. Wiggling. Banging. Wiggling. I got him a magnified mirror to assist him with this strategic behavior.


Shortly after, he came into the bedroom where I was putting laundry away. He proudly showed me the blood splotched toilet paper as evidence his tooth was most definitely ready to come out. He went back to work with the apple. Banging. Wiggling. Banging. Wiggling. The next thing I know, he’s standing before me expressionless with an outstretched arm, hand open, palm up and there in the middle is one tiny white tooth speckled with blood. I immediately got excited. He immediately burst into tears. Tears for the loss of what was. Tears of a five year old desperately trying to hold on to all he had ever known. Not ready for change, he cried out, “I want my tooth back in.” After much consolation, he calmed down. He dried his puffy eyes, but continued to complain about the hole in his mouth for the remainder of the evening.


Upon waking this morning, the first words of the day were, “You’re right mama. It doesn’t bother me anymore.” This is good to hear since the tooth right next to the hole is going to fall out any minute!

I love you too much!

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